Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Circus

My good friend Dawn invited Demitri and I to go to the circus with her family. I was a little apprehensive because I know that Demitri is very sheepish when it comes to events like that. Dawn and I talked it over and decided that Demitri might surprise us because he would probably be so enthralled with all of the animals that he would not notice all of the people and the noise. SURPRISE...we were wrong. Demitri lasted all of two minutes in the circus and we spent the rest of the time meandering in the hallway. I felt so bad because we left at intermission and poor Alex, Dawn's son, wanted to stay and watch the rest of the show. Lesson learned... NO MORE BIG EVENTS FOR DEMITRI FOR A LONG TIME! Second lesson learned... if we do go to an event like that, take two cars so everybody does not have to leave at intermission. Thanks again to the R. family for inviting us.

Demitri did love riding next to Mia in the car, he was holding her hand at one point.


famleeof5 said...

I was just wondering about that picture. I think they are a good looking little couple Ü
Don't you feel bad about leaving. I feel bad I let you stay in the hallway that long! I'm sorry. Anyway, I knew going into that night we might have to leave & I was perfectly fine. We missed all the traffic & Mia was asleep before I even got home, so it was perfect. I just wished that I could've seen them holding hands...
Next time, we'll go to the park or maybe the beach & Mia & D can dig a hole in the big sand together.

Jean said...

Mia and D make such a cute couple!