Saturday, August 11, 2007

What We Are Watching

I turned on the tv a little early the other day for Sesame Street and there they were. The Teletubbies. My son's new obsession. He walks around the house saying TaTa and I know he means Teletubbies. These creatures scare me a little bit but they fascinate Demitri. Nothing has ever kept his attention like the Teletubbies do. He giggles and dances and even talks to the screen. He loves these guys. I think that the subliminal messages even got to me because I found myself buying a Teletubbies DVD at Toys R US. I wanted to put it back but it was cheap and I just couldn't. I guess I have fallen under the spell too.


kidletsmum said...

Immy is a Teletubby lover too. She watches it in Turkish at the gym! But she sings "La-La, Po!" all day long at home! And demands to have her two Teletubby library books read over and over and over...
I kinda like Tinky Winky, myself!

Jean said...

We have not had the Teletubbie experience yet. We are Barney fans here (never thought I'd say that!!!).