Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Some Manly Stuff

Demitri and my dad are BFF's. They love to do boy things together like play with tools and dig and talk about things that I don't understand. My dad has really been a wonderful support for Demitri since Joe has left and I will never be able to thank him enough. Demitri LOVES construction. Loves does not really explain his obsession with all things construction. He has a DVD about a construction site and he knows most of the names of the trucks and he just LOVES trucks and dirt and rocks. There is a new Home Depot being built not too far from us. My dad has been taking D to the site every Saturday to monitor the progress. The second picture is them looking in at the Home Depot. That day a digger drove over to them and lifted the bucket with rocks in it and waved to them. The third picture is D showing me what happened when he got home that day. D is still talking about it. D treasures his time with Pa. Thanks Pa! We love you.


Jean said...

James is obsessed with tractors. We have a few lame construction sites we pass in our daily lives, but yours sound much cooler! James will be jealous when I tell him!

Angela said...

Cute story and adorable pictures. I've been thinking of you, I hope you guys are doing well. (((HUGS)))

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