Tuesday, June 10, 2008

LMAO, A Lil Pox Humor to Lighten the Mood!

Sigh, the pox are no fun but luckily D is a model patient. He listens to me when I say "No scratching". He is keeping himself occupied in the house and the yard. I don't think I could ask for a better kid...well there is the sleeping issue but I guess we won't get into that here.

Look Jojo, there is even a picture of our pox party. Is there traffic???? Where are are you guys?


Marie said...

Sorry he's got the crud - but glad he's such a trooper. Hope you are well too! How are things? We're in the middle a craptastic phase/era/moment in our family. Arg.

Andrea said...

Sorry to hear D has the pox :( That's crazy you can get it even with the vaccine. Hope it really isn't as bad as "regular" and it clears up soon. PS I'm blogging again, just kind of let it slip for awhile. Been busy, imagine that ;)

JoAnna said...

lol at the pox party! No traffic, just super high winds-- strong enough to blow my butt right off the road. We will be there one day soon... I promise!