Saturday, September 20, 2008

D's 3yr check up

Demitri had his three year check up on 9/20. He is 37.5 pounds and 40 inches. They also did a vision test which was the cutest thing that I have ever seen. I wish that I had brought my camera but I forgot it but D looked adorable covering one eye and reading the shapes off of the wall. When he had to say star, he would say "shooting star". The doctor also did a hearing test and he got vaccination for hepatitis A and a flu shot.

I brought up my concerns about Demitri being pigeon toed and the doc watched him walk and said it is very minor and does not warrant anything being done. Hmmm.

I also mentioned his allergies...keep giving him Claritin.

The doc also said that his tongue is healing beautifully.

Have to bring a urine sameple back in.

We got a yellow lollypop and we were off.


Angela said...

yay a new post! Glad that the appointment went well, I haven't even scheduled Cade's yet, whoops! I think I will go do that RIGHT NOW :)

Andrea said...

Cool, Cali didn't get a vision test. But they totally freaked her out with two shots and a flumist. Good to see you blogging again :)